Final Project

For the final project I wanted to create a portfolio of photo edits to show what I have learned and am capable of. This will be broken into two parts. 1. Presets by Maggie and 2. Out of the Box editing. ENJOY!!!!

Presets made by Maggie!!

Presets are a group of photo editing settings designed to transform a digital image. Once a preset is created any photo can be filtered through and made to fit an aesthetic. Created in Lightroom, each preset took about 45mins to 1 hour to perfect. Creating one comes with messing with the photos…

  1. Light (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks)
  2. Color (customization of each color in the color wheel along with temerature of those colors, tint, vibrance, and saturation)
  3. Effects (texture, clarity, dehaze, vignette, grain,
  4. Detail (sharpening, radius, detail, masking, noise reduction, color noise reduction)

Once all of these have been adjusted to a photograph the preset is saved and can be applied to other photos to match the edit. Each preset pack have 3-5 presets made for each pack this means each pack has 3-5 specifically engineered presets to accomplish its aesthetic goal.

The ROSE preset pack

This pack comes with 4 different presets. This allows any photograph to have the same “look”

The Before and After

The SUNNY DAY preset pack

The SUNNY DAY preset pack includes 3 presets all designed to give photos a similar look.

Before and After

The FIANCE preset pack

The FIANCE preset pack includes 5 presets perfect for a low lighting photohshoot.

Before and After

the PARTY preset pack

This preset pack came in handy when I took my grad photos. This pack includes 4 presets all set to give each photo the same look.

Before and After

The DARTY preset pack

(all people photographed are of 21 years of age)

This pack focuses on the teal and orange. it comes with 4 presets that are able to transform pictures to give this aesthetic

Before and After

The next part of the project was my challenging piece. While I do enjoy photo editing the presets are more in my comfort zone. For the DS106 final project I wanted to jump out of my comfort zone and try some different photoshop edits. The following is the rest of my portfolio of what I can accomplish in the field of editing.

If you look closely I have edited a small butterfly where it was not originally. This edit included copy refining and editing to add the butterfly in a picture it was not in to begin with.
Background edit!
Here, a design was added to this sweater. in the original, the sweater is plain blue.
Space dog. enough said.
Here I added a decorative piece behind a photo giving it a unique look.
The original photo here there was a dog running. I had learned to completely remove an image that was originally in the photo. Below is the image I removed and this time I’ve done the opposite. I added a shadow figure doubling the dog.
After. This edit surprisingly took longer than I thought because I had to manually put these lines into the photo to show the outline from the original.

A basic edit of an image that was not truly on the background photo.
Removing color from the photo except for one object. This put a focus and emphasis on the tennis ball as it is the only thing colored.
The original photo was a view from a helicopter. I call this edit twisted birds eye.
mosaic edit. This included taking many dots and laying them over the background of the picture to create a mosaic effect.