Wrap up

This semester in ds106 was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I’m not sure what I was expecting or even what digital storytelling was exactly, but boy do I know now. It’s using all forms of media as a way to creatively tell a story, these mediums, sounds, videos, effects, etc.. all… Continue reading Wrap up

Weekly Summary

When I think about Mashups and remixes I soo vividly remember mashup tv episodes where characters from other shows would come onto another show (usually from the same network) and those were always the best, most exciting episodes. I also think about Glee and how that show would create some amazing mashups and how they… Continue reading Weekly Summary

2 Remixes

¬†Animoji Karaoke…REMIX. The original assignment was to create an animoji lip singing but after the remix I had to incorporate the color pink. So instead of doing my usual animoji (a monkey) I went with a pink pig. I chose call me maybe because it was a favorite when I was little and it’s stuck… Continue reading 2 Remixes

Mashup Assignments

photo mash ¬†#MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments2037 These assignments were really fun and I love that I got to put my photoshop skills to the test. The one I’m most proud of is the famous breakfast club scene with the snitch flying by him. I thought it looked so real and I really impressed myself with it. As… Continue reading Mashup Assignments

project ideas

Here is a list of what we brainstormed! family feud type show game show of sorts (we really though about this and didn’t think we would be able to use editing and directing as a ay to invoke emotion and showing emotion/ making viewers feel something would be difficult with a game show) Mystery- big… Continue reading project ideas

weekly summary

This week I got together with Annie Grace and Jack Henry to discuss our movie we decided to create together. It was so much fun getting to collaborate with them again. We sat down and brainstormed what we wanted out movie to look like and we went with a murder mystery that my roommate so… Continue reading weekly summary