Assignment Bank- Writing

A Story in Alphabet 

A better cat dragged eggs for gators. Happily I just killed larry michaelson not oprah, phew! Quite right she told, “um violet? Wheres Xavior younis Zamborini?”

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Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

Ariel is so beautiful and her voice is remarkable. Not to mention she’s the kings daughter. Adding her soul to my collection would be my greatest accomplishment. I need to figure out something she wants most in the whole world and use it against her so I can eventually overtake that beautiful soul of hers. Will write tomorrow about further plans to trick Ariel.

love, Ursula

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A picture is worth a thousand words…

Maggie had never seen snow before. This was a first and what a snow it was. She spent the whole day sledding, taking walks, and pictures of this beautiful snow fall, all with her best friend Teresa. That night, they watched movies and drank hot chocolate. What a great winter snow day!

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