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Sound effects Story

Brought to you by a choking story. Death by pizza crust. One day in my apartment all alone, I’m on my way to the fridge whistling. I go to take a bite of pizza when all the sudden-I’M CHOKING… coughing won’t do it. I emergency SOS my phone and as my eyes shut I hear the sirens… This assignment was very creative and got us to think about what we could possibly tell a story of using just sounds. In the Bob Ross videos I notice him breathing loudly so I tried to incorporate a loud breath at the end. Making this was awesome.

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2615

Auditory Hell

Here are some of the worst sounds in the whole world all mashed together. A baby crying, Sirens blazing, lips smacking, and worst of all… the song “It’s a Small World After All” Nothing could be worse than this. Making this was super fun because even though they are all sounds I hate it was just comical to hear all of these things together and see what sounds other people hate. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2140

Humming way

This assignment was very funny. I never thought I would be humming for a class but I found this was a great way to be silly and hear voices in a way. Even though it’s humming it’s still filled with voice and character which I found unique to a school assignment.

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2136 This song has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks! Had to hum it out! ” I Love You So” by the Walters

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