Audio Reflection

Sounds and different audios drive stories because it evokes emotion, creates scenes, and can even give us a sense of place and personality of characters. A story can be so much more powerful with background and different noises throughout. For example, in the Moon Graffiti soundcloud the story teller starts to explain where the audio came from and the background noise gives the story an eerie feeling kind of mysterious. At 6:49 when they play the sound of the camera clicking it gave the story the visual of someone actually taking a picture and gave the next little bit of audio intense feeling because of the silence followed by the high pitched background noise. It made me feel like something bad was about to happen and built suspense. Around the 14:30 mark the way he is speaking is so stiff hit really gave the feeling like he was reporting on the radio or on the news. Space is a lot more scary than people think and I believe the way this story was told it eluded to the dangers and unearthly feelings being in space can give a person. I think this was mostly done through sounds and background music. Without those things the story wouldn’t have evoked as much emotion and we wouldn’t have had indicators on what to feel where. This just further emphasizes the mission the astronauts this story is depicted from went through and accomplished. #audioreflection.

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