Becoming a better photographer

All the photos shown are my own pictures I have taken and feel represent the point listed with them. ds106photography

This picture is a great example of depth. As you can see the lightbulbs are different lengths away making this photo unique and almost mysterious looking.
Lighting: This image is seemingly normal but really is a great depiction of the beauty in lighting. I turned the exposure way down and it made the light coming through the tunnel that much more powerful. I’m not sure why but this photo really speaks to me and I think it has a haunting look.
Perspective: This photo was very simple but it gives a whole different perspective and look because it’s so up close to this girls hair. The way the light comes through it shows us each individual hair. This could also be an example of lighting.
Contrast: This photo was taken in the mountains on a hiking trip and while it was originally in color I put it in black and white and turned up the contrast to exaggerate the dirty hands to further show the mess of the outdoors. I have named this photo “To Build a Campfire”
Selection: These two photos show selection because the point of view on these two photos are so specific to the focus point of the photograph. Making them the focal point emphasizes the item/drawing of each picture. The hot chocolate cup I named “loneliness” because it’s a singular cup and the dim lighting gives it a more saddened look. As for the heart on the window, I made the heart the focal point to emphasize the message “love will overcome” the background is cold and icy yet the main focus is the heart. “No matter how cold the world may be there is always love” the way the heart was selected makes this evident in the photograph.

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