This was a photo I took on valentines day and i decided to put these two little hearts into my breakfast. Once the avocado was ready to spread I thought it would make for a nice photo for this assignment. I tried to make it visually appealing and create balance within the picture by the way things are set up. The evenness the objects have on the picture gives it balance.


In my house we have a peanut. Peanut is a tiny rescue dog that belongs to my roommate. He often finds a “hidey hole” to snuggle up in. thought this would be a great moment to capture dominance in a photo. The way he is wrapped in the blankets creates an emphasis on the center of the photo which is him. This draws your eye to him completely.


This photo is more self explanatory than the others because it directly shows the lettering. This is a direct example of typography because of the fancy lettering that is above the two drinks clinking.


I took this photo last night and after taking it I edited the natural colors to make them pop more. First I turned the exposure up of the whole photograph then I put more pinky tones in to create a pinkish, creme tone throughout the whole photo. Next I made the black sharp and dark. This is a goo example of playing with color!


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