Story Analysis

One of my favorite stories to read is Harry potter. After reading and watching these videos it did open my thinking to ask, what makes it such a great story? If I could graph its shape each book starts relatively low because Harry is unhappy without his school friends then he goes back to Hogwarts and he is happy so is the story and its up high then conflict hits and our character is having to get out of a problem so its lower and at the end conflict is resolved (besides book 5 and 6) There is defiantly a theme and these types of stories typically do very well because of these themes and patterns, in this one it’s love prevails all. The whole story of Harry Potter works well but I do think Prisoner of Azkaban could have been a little better. It was much too long and I wish JK Rowling had a more light hearted tone when it came to harry’s and sire’s relationship. I love this story because the characters are vibrant and there is nothing like it. #storyanalysis

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