Weekly Summary

This week I really enjoyed a lot of aspects to the assignments. While I don’t love hearing my own voice, it was interesting to see how I would sound in a radio bumper and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pretended to do this at least once when I was little. Honestly, I really enjoyed brainstorming ideas for a podcast/radio show. I think I have some solid ideas and definitely lean more toward comedy bits. The assignment banks were pretty entertaining and out of my comfort zone with the humming one I did, but I was down for the challenge! The sounds from hell were just funny even though all those sounds physically pained me. Overall, I loved learning about the importance of background noise and little filler sounds. They truly are what make digital stories go round. The Moon Graffiti SoundCloud was just proof of that. I found that it was the perfect example for the message we were trying to get across- the effectiveness of sound and audio. Thanks for another great week DS106 #weeklysummary

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