Weekly summary

This week I felt was very creative as far as themes and such go. If I were to give this week a theme it would be creativity. Designing is something so important in the world of storytelling and can be a very difficult thing to master (proved by this week) I thought the assignment banks gave students a chance to be creative and pick what they wanted to design vs cookie cutter assignments that don’t have as much freedom. I love creating posters and got to do that a lot with the assignment banks. I also love how comedy can be thrown into any of these assignments. As we know from previous weeks I enjoy taking photos so having an assignment where throughout the week I was actively looking for photo opportunities was great fun for me. I tried to challenge myself and really set the photos up and think hard about what element scenes throughout my days could be conveyed in a picture. Overall, this was a great week to kick off designing things and having fun while doing it. #weeklysummary

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