Weekly Summary

When I think about Mashups and remixes I soo vividly remember mashup tv episodes where characters from other shows would come onto another show (usually from the same network) and those were always the best, most exciting episodes. I also think about Glee and how that show would create some amazing mashups and how they would even be better than some originals. So going in, I was super excited. As we can see, I really like photos and photo editing. For the sake of quality I stuck mainly with my tried and true. But i’m glad I did because I love the way the edits turned out. I really impressed myself this week and was glad I was able to push myself as far as photoshop goes. I really have never been apart of such a fun class that incorporates such creativity and the best part is, as each week goes by its another chance for someone else to play to their strengths depending on the focus for the week. This week was super fun and exciting. Another amazing week with ds106! #weeklysummary

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