Weekly Summary

This week I really enjoyed the assignment bank! I thought it was so interesting the way it was set up and all the different posts I got to see. I thought in general it was a super creative way to take class. The little assignments were fun and not even that time consuming which is great for a busy college athlete. I so appreciated the GIF because I love llamas, which was the animal I used for one of my assignment bank assignments. One thing I didn’t really like was being so indecisive about which prompt to follow! Sometimes when I have less direction it takes me longer to pick what direction to go in. I ended up being so happy with the ones I chose even though it took longer to pick. All and all it was a great week and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts on the daily creates page! I find I look forward to the next days and seeing what creative task we have due. As far as participation goes, I actually was able to meet up with a classmate and explore what exactly the function of the assignment bank was. Interacting with a fellow classmate was great (especially when navigating something new.) I will continue to comment and like others posts in the class as well! Thank you for an awesome week! #weeklysummary

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