Wrap up

This semester in ds106 was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I’m not sure what I was expecting or even what digital storytelling was exactly, but boy do I know now. It’s using all forms of media as a way to creatively tell a story, these mediums, sounds, videos, effects, etc.. all add to a story more than one would think. Throughout the semester we’ve gotten to learn about all of these platforms and effects and put them into play and create our own stories. Before this class I didn’t even know how to embed something.

But now I do. I’ve done things I never thought I would do, like our #radioshow. Who knew I was capable of making my own commercials, bumpers, and fill up that length of time pretending I was on the radio. On top of that I made a movie…really never thought I’d say that one. We wrote a script, we practiced, filmed but really these group projects were all about collaboration. You see, just like people who implement these things in different forms of media- it takes team work and collaboration. Without, movies wouldn’t get done, shows wouldn’t get done, same goes for the radio, book writing, and more. Everyone needs a little help.

We created sounds, many, many, sounds. Babies crying amongst people chewing with sirens in the back. mashup of songs, even one of me humming (lets not play that back)

we learned a ton about movies, editing, and the reasons why directors move the camera is certain ways. Whether its zooming in, an off centered shot, chopping breaks in scenes. There is always a reason. Without this brilliancy in film, they wouldn’t have an effect on us the way they do. Everything is done to invoke emotion, tell the story better, and add more to a scene.

We did some photo editing…

Luckily… we did get better.

So much so, I did my final project on it. Photo editing is something I find really interesting yet challenging so it only made sense to do my final project on it!

Overall, I loved the class. everything we did really allowed students to be creative, something I cannot say for most classes. The assignment banks were hilarious. Having those to do as homework was the most fun, entertaining homework I have ever had. On top of that, they really allowed each student to show individualism because you could pick your assignments.

From the beginning it was clear the theme of the class was to be creative and create no matter what. Something that Bob Ross lived by. We certainly did this, we lived this. Possibly more than I ever have in my life. This class allowed me to be free with my creations and for once I wasn’t always worried about what someone may think of me. We were all creating and everyones creative assignments and projects turned out amazing, i suspect it was because of the free will and lack of judgment from others. This class taught me to let go. Have fun with things, have fun with life. Let creations take control and just flow with the joy of creating. Really what I have to say is, thank you, Bob Ross.

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